5 Useful Tips for Planning a Trip You’ll Love

My cousin Laurie loves to travel a lot.  At 26, she’s already been to different places in the world.  She once visited France on a tight budget but made it work. She’s also been to the Maldives, to Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia, and even to the beautiful places of Kenya and Saudi Arabia.

I recently had the chance to talk to her during one of our family dinners last week.  When she heard that I was planning to take my first solo trip in my dream travel destination, she gladly volunteered some tips that always worked for her.  And in this post, I am going to share these useful tips from her.

Are you also thinking of going on a trip but don’t know how to plan for it? Do you want to know the things to consider in planning for your trip? Hopefully, these tips will help you with that.  Here are five useful tips that eager travelers like you should consider in planning for a trip you’ll love. Let’s take a look. 

Decide where to go. 

The first step in planning for the trip is choosing a travel destination.

Do you want to go overseas, or are you planning domestic travel? How much time do you have for this vacation? Who are you traveling with? In preparing for a trip, not only would you consider your interests in choosing your destination but also your time, company, and most especially your travel budget. 

It would also be helpful if you know what kind of experiences you enjoy doing.  So, you should choose a destination that would allow you to experience these things.  Do you like to relax and go to an adventure? Are you thinking of visiting the cities or the countryside? Or do you want to unwind in a resort?

Having these things in mind, you will be able to narrow down your choices of where you want to go for your perfect trip. 

Make plans in advance.

Once you have chosen your travel destination, the next step is planning for your trip.  Planning for a trip is a stressful task, but making plans in advance will save you from a lot of stress so you can enjoy the experience better.

Not only planning in advance will lessen your stress but also help you save money.  One way to do this is to book your flights early. Airline companies usually offer discounts to passengers who make early flight reservations. 

Researching for airfare promos can be a tedious task for some because it requires a lot of time, patience, and effort.  If you consider this task time consuming, we suggest that you hire the services of someone for personal assistant tasks.  You may ask your personal assistant to do the research and book not only your flights but also your accommodations early. 

To make you stress-free while on the trip, you may ask your assistant to prepare your travel itinerary in advance and make this one of his personal assistant tasks. 

Travel light.

Packing for your trip is also a stressful thing to do.  That is why, when traveling, the best thing to do is to pack smart, which means to bring only the essentials.  To do this, you can bring versatile and comfortable clothes in neutral colors because they can be worn in different combinations.

Other tips for traveling light is to know the weather conditions of your travel destination.  Knowing the weather of the place helps in deciding which clothes to wear and bring. Thus, it will minimize the chance of over-packing. 

Another helpful tip is knowing your travel accommodations.  If you are staying in hotels, you don’t need to do pack your towels, linens, and hair dryers so this will help you travel lighter. 

Know how to access your money.

You will most likely want convenience and ease when traveling, especially in terms of accessing your money.

One useful tip, which others often overlook, is checking the savings and checking account.  Before traveling, you should check with your specific banks regarding your savings and checking account in order not to have any issue in accessing your money using your ATM card.

Accessing your money with convenience and ease includes knowing how to carry your money.  For a stress-free travel experience, we recommend a combination of debit cards, credit cards, travel money cards, and cash. 

Purchase travel insurance.

Another essential tip to consider is purchasing travel insurance.  Travel insurance is designed to cover for any unexpected event such as medical emergencies, trip cancellation, loss of luggage, and other related concerns incurred while traveling.

Purchasing travel insurance will save you from a lot of stress because it will help you know what to do when unexpected events happen in the middle of your trip. 


The most important tip that you should not forget at all cost is to have fun.

You may have planned and organized your trip to a tee, but you should not forget how to be spontaneous and make random adjustments when needed.  Allow yourself to relax and explore. It is the most effective way to make the most out of the experience. When you can do so, you’ll be surprised at how you’ll love your trip and the entire experience even more.



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