Swimsuit Guide: Find the Perfect One for Every Type of Vacation

Even though your body shape has always been the only criterion for picking your perfect swimsuit, we must say that the circumstances have slightly changed recently. Choosing a swimsuit according to a particular type of vacation is a thing nowadays. So, if you want to learn how to master this task like a true pro, just keep on reading. Here are four different types of vacation followed with four fabulous swimsuit suggestions, so check them out and enjoy!

Comfy one-piece swimsuit for a relaxed day at the spa

If your hectic lifestyle has started to take its toll on your overall well-being, it’s about time you started planning your ultimate spa getaway! No matter if you’ll opt for a trip to a foreign country (check out the numerous thermal baths in Budapest, Hungary), or just a quick trip to a spa center near your hometown, one thing is certain – you’ll need a comfy swimsuit. One-piece is definitely the best possible choice here as it doesn’t show too much skin while allowing you to move with ease and feel great in your skin. A monochromatic piece is a good option for one simple reason – it’ll flawlessly match a cozy bathrobe and a pair of fluffy slippers you’ll wear while at the spa!

High waisted bottom and a stylish top for chilling out by the pool

On the other hand, if you prefer exotic destinations and luxurious resorts where you can chill out by the pool and master the art of doing nothing, you should go for a high waisted bottom and a stylish top. That’s right, this is a match made in heaven if you ask us, so be sure to get amazing high waisted bottoms that will accentuate your waistline and emphasize your curves more than you can possibly imagine. Monochromatic bottoms are probably a much better idea than multi-colored ones simply because these can be combined with literally any top you want. Such high waisted bottoms are super versatile, so give them a fair shot and rock them proudly by the pool this summer!

Trendy bikini for a casual day at the beach

Everyone can agree that casual days at the beach are the absolute best, and if you agree with this claim, too, get a trendy bikini that features some of this season’s most popular prints. For example, everyone loves animal prints this year, which means that you can choose everything from the timeless leopard, zebra, and cheetah to the fashionable snakeskin and even giraffe print. Polka dots are always a good idea, as well as stripes and classic checked prints. On the other hand, if you want to add a little twist to your beach combos, just opt for a super sexy lace bikini and you won’t make a mistake!

Asymmetric and unconventional bikini for a pool party

When it comes to wild parties that take place by the pool or in it, there’s a rule which says that ‘more is more’. Yes, you heard us well, so go big or go home! Truth be told, pool parties are perfect for showing off your abs and flawlessly sculpted long legs, together with your unique sense of style, so why wouldn’t you choose an unusual swimsuit that will sweep everyone off their feet? For example, an unconventional asymmetric top that features one bare shoulder and one long sleeve is a fantastic choice, especially when matched with a high waisted bottom in the same color. Just be bold and you won’t remain unnoticed, that’s a promise!

As you can tell, there are different types of swimwear appropriate for different types of vacation, so make sure to stick to our tips if you want to nail your swimsuit selection. All you need to do is to follow our guidelines and you’ll make it happen, without a shadow of a doubt!

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