Dream Vacation In Tulum: Celebrity Guide

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Cancun is where tourists go on vacation and college kids go on spring break.  The really cool people go to Tulum, just a short distance away on the Yucatan Peninsula.  Tulum was one of the last cities built by the powerful Maya civilization, and the ruins of their buildings make it a popular destination for visitors.  A photogenic place like Tulum is an ideal vacation spot for a photogenic person like Melissa Bolona.  Follow the Melissa Bolona Instagram account to see the beautiful views of Tulum for her perspective.

Melissa Bolona in tulum

Melissa Bolona in Tulum

The Wonders of Tulum

Tulum attracts plenty of visitors, but it does not feel as touristy as other archaeological sites in Mexico, like Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza.  Its beaches, on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, also fuel the visitors’ appetite for ecotourism.  It is no wonder that Tulum is such a popular place for celebrities; it looks like it was made for the jet set.

Where Celebrities Fear to Tread

Of course, there are some parts of Tulum where you cannot set foot, no matter how famous you are.  One part of the beach at Tulum is reserved for sea turtles.  The turtles, who spend their adult lives in the sea, come ashore to lay eggs.  When the eggs hatch, the baby sea turtles make their way across the sand to sea, as fast as their flippers will carry them.  Environmental degradation has reduced the areas where turtles can lay eggs, which is why places like the sea turtle sanctuary at Tulum are important.

Melissa Bolona is a noted lover of animals, so seeing the baby sea turtles is always the highlight of her visits to Tulum.  She also has some stunning pictures of herself in glamorous outfits as she hangs out with other celebrities in Tulum.

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