10 Amazing Things to Do in Canada

Canada is rightly called as a land of endless possibilities! From friendly faces and historical places to rich culture, every bit of Canada is worth celebrating.

There are total 20 World Heritage sites located in Canada, including Nahanni National Park, Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, etc. Of these 20, 10 are Natural and 9 are Cultural Heritages. From thriving cities and regal backwoods to the French charm of Montréal, Canada is immensely beautiful and culturally rich.

To explore and visit Canada, you must obtain a tourist or visitor visa unless and until you are a resident of any visa-exempt country.

In Canada, study and work permits are also issued to an individual if he/she is going to perform or undertake specific activity, while, a visitor visa has a much broader scope. But, don’t overestimate the scope because a Canada tourist visa also comes with certain restrictions on the few things that you can and cannot perform as a visitor.

Let’s find out 10 most amazing things that you can do in Canada as a Canadian visitor visa holder!

With a Canadian tourist or visitor visa, you can:

Enter and Stay in Canada

The foremost feature of a visitor/tourist visa is to allow you to enter the country. Once you are inside Canada, your get a temporary legal status with your visa. You can live and travel anywhere in Canada as you desire.

Always keep in mind that yours of a temporary status. Generally, a Visitor visa is issued for up to 6 months. But, the exact period of validity is determined by the visa officer at the entry port who issues you the visa. Once your visa validity is over, it will expire and you have to give up your legal status as a tourist or visitor in Canada.

Transit via Canada

Yep, you read it right! If by any chance Canada is not your destination, but you are travelling through Canada to go somewhere you’re heading, then also you may need to apply for and obtain a Canadian visitor/tourist visa.

Look for work in Canada

Though, a visitor visa is not meant as a document to find a job in Canada, but, you are not completely prohibited from looking out for a work while you are in Canada. In fact, employers in Canada often choose to meet applicants in-person before hiring them, so looking for work from within Canada can prove to be more effective than finding from overseas. However, if you search for a work as a visitor visa holder, then you should never hide your true reason for visiting Canada, prove your true intention to leave Canada upon visa expiry and ensure that you’ll not start working in Canada without obtaining a valid work permit.

Join a short-term course in Canada

Generally, you need a study permit to pursue a study program in Canada. However, in a few circumstances you can study on your tourist or visitor visa. For instance, your school is not a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) and your course duration is less than six months, which means you’ll complete the same within the validity period of your visitor visa.

Apply for visitor visa extension

As mentioned, a tourist visa is issued for maximum six months duration. But, if you wish to extend your stay in Canada beyond the validity period, then you are open to apply for a visa extension. It is known as a visitor record, which you must apply online so that the IRCC can process your application at a faster pace.

Perform business activities

Similar to a study permit, you need a work permit to start working in Canada. Though, you can carry out a few business activities as a visitor visa holder, as long as you do not enter the Canadian labor market directly. For instance, you can buy goods or services from Canadian businesses for foreign business, to visit business site, to interact with individuals to initiate and conclude business transactions and to receive training for sales, etc. under proper invitation from a Canadian business.

Spend a family vacation in Canada

Canada is a perfect family vacation destination. A Canadian visitor visa gives you and your family an opportunity to interact with a few of the world’s most cutest animals, which are popularized by Disney films. You can go camping with your family and friends in a car with marshmallows and a tent by a lake side. While, with a longest coastline in the world, Canada has most wild and enticing river networks, where you can enjoy boating, river rafting and much more.

Visit the dinosaur capital of the world

When in Canada, don’t miss out a trip to dinosaur capital of the world, Drumheller. Located in the heart of the Canadian Badlands, this Royal Tyrrell museum has a wide variety of dinosaur and their fossil. You can also visit the a National Historic Site, Atlas Coal Mine.

Visit Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most iconic waterfalls in the world and a most popular tourist destinations as well. Niagara Falls stands out like a gleaming jewel in Canada’s crown. You can enjoy hiking and relish delectable food along with your family.

Explore Vancouver

If you have a heart of an outdoor person, then Vancouver has to be on your list. Most locals spend their time skiing on the Grouse Mountains, strolling through Stanley Park or swimming at Kitsilano Beach. You could enjoy ice hockey, discover culture, history and art at the Museum of Anthropology, explore oceans at Vancouver Aquarium and much more.

Want to experience it all? Apply for Canada Tourist Visa once things settle down. We can assist you with and can simplify the process of applying for your tourist visa. We can guide you to prepare your case file and gather required documents well in advance.

Following are the eligibility requirements for Canada Visitor Visa:

You must have a valid passport or other travel document

You must be are in good health condition

You must have the financial resources to pay for the expenses in Canada

You must intend to stay in Canada for limited time period and leave as per the visa condition

You have clean past criminal record

You will not be admissible to Canada is you are involved in:

Human rights violations

Criminal activity

Organized crime

Finding it difficult to cope understand the requirement and know whether you need a visitor visa or not? Simply fill out an assessment formonline and one of our team managers will connect with you over a phone call to discuss your prospects and requirements to start visa filing process.

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