How to Take Good Care of Your Skin While Traveling

For those of you who have routine skincare treatment, traveling can be fairly challenging. Moving from one place to another in an unpredictable pattern might disrupt your daily regimen and lead to potential skin damage (especially if you have sensitive skin). Luckily, there are some easy tips and tricks you can lean on to help you achieve the best possible skincare while traveling. It’s important to think a few steps ahead and get well prepared before the trip. Here are the three travel skincare tips you should cover thoroughly. 

Step 1: Before you go

The best way to prepare your skin for travel is to treat it beforehand so that it can withstand possible inconveniences. Makeup removing towelettes that can thoroughly clean your face from any excess dirt, oil, and makeup are an excellent choice for the road. You should look for alcohol-free wipes that won’t dry your skin out and don’t need further rinsing. Keep these with you at all costs, and try cleaning your face at least twice a day before you take off.

There’s always a risk that there are no products that you need in places you’re traveling to, especially if it’s a camping area or a wild resort. Therefore, packing all of your favorite products in advance will make your life a lot easier on the way. You can find most of the regular stuff such as shampoos and shower gels in small travel packs, or you can contact pharmacies to give you deluxe samples which are very convenient for traveling. Instead of packing all your skin care products deep inside your suitcase, it’ll take you far less time and effort to get to the necessities if you carry them around with you in a smaller bag.

Step 2: During traveling

If you choose to travel in any way other than by car, you will be restricted to a time schedule that isn’t in your control. Thus, you need to be prepared to make arrangements and treat your skin as it deserves even on wheels. It’s easy for skin to get dried out when you spend a lot of time in air-conditioned spaces (such as buses, planes or airports), so you need to think about keeping your skin hydrated all the time. Drink plenty of water and use your pre-packed non-alcoholic wipes to keep the moisture in order. Moreover, you should avoid using hot water because it opens the pores for more dirt to come and it can backfire by drying out your skin further. Never fall asleep with your makeup on because this is the worst possible way to treat your skin during travels.

Keep in mind that travelling can add some other potential risks to your skin. Sun exposure can be fairly harmful, even if you are behind glass windows or in the shade. Packing a tube of sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or larger will always come in handy, no matter the weather. Combined usage of sunscreen and moisturizers will replenish your skin and provide protection from dehydration and irritation.

Step 3: On the go

When you arrive at your destination, remember to stick to the rule of habit. Changing your routine or usual products isn’t a good idea when you are faced with a different climate and possible varieties in water and air quality. Stick to the products that work for you, and leave experimenting for home conditions where you can have more control. It’s important to adapt, not to reinvent, so if you experience any kind of skin irritation or notice other changes on your skin, check with the local pharmacies about which products they recommend. 

No matter where you go, your most valuable assets are you facial cleanser and moisturizer. They are the essential ingredients in your travel skin care pack since they keep your skin in balance and give it a healthy, nurtured glow. 

There’s no need for excuses if you carefully plan your travel skin care in advance because all unpleasant situations can be foreseen with just a little bit of commitment.  

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