How To Plan A Trip Independently

Plan A Trip Independently

One of the first doubts and concerns for anyone thinking of taking a solo trip to the other side of the world is related to the trip planning itself. Without good preparation, we can see a trip spoiled or not enjoy it as well as we could. With this article, I hope to be able to give you a helping hand by referring to the various steps necessary to plan a trip independently, wherever you are!

1. Search and choose a destination

The first step for everyone to plan a trip could not but be choosing the destination itself. Here, there are several factors you need to take into account such as:

  • Your personal preferences (are you more from the countryside, from the city, or do you like to sprawl out on the sand taking a break with just a dip to cool off? Do you like to get to know cultures completely different from your own or do you prefer to play it safe?);
  • The time you have available for the trip (1/2 weeks or 1 month or more is something completely different than completely changes the range of available destinations in order to make the most of the trip);
  • The available budget (the budget you have available can be a determining factor when choosing between a trip to a particular destination, or even in terms of the trip duration itself.)

After considering all these factors, it is necessary to research, research and research a little more, on travel blogs, Facebook groups, for example, travel forums, and talking to other travelers who always have precious tips to share.

2. Search and buy flights

Chosen destination? Great! So let’s make it official. The next step is the flight search, which I suggest is done in advance. This research can be done through the following platforms:

  • Flight search engines (these websites or apps allow you to view the dates with the cheapest flights, always offering several options for the same flight via airlines or online agencies)
  • Last Minute Flight Websites or Apps (These websites or apps show you flight fares, sometimes surreal! They may be real promotions or just fare errors that you can take advantage of.)
  • Websites of airlines (on the websites of the companies you can find specific promotions for various destinations)
  • Airline Newsletters (subscribe to newsletters via the websites of the various airlines to always keep you up to date with special promotions)

3. Handle visas

The next step in the process of planning a trip is to arrange for visas in order to enter the destination country. For this, it is necessary that you do previous research and that, preferably, consult the embassy of the respective country to verify if you have or not visa exemption and what documents and procedures are necessary to obtain it. There are visas that can be processed online before departure, others that can be obtained on arrival, and others that can only be purchased at the embassies or consulates of the respective countries.

4. Traveler consultation

Ruining your life’s trip simply because you think misfortunes only happen to others is silly. So make sure you don’t skip this point and book a Traveler’s Consultation at least 4 weeks before your departure. In this consultation, a specialist doctor will give you valuable advice on vaccines and precautions to take depending on your destination.

 5. Travel insurance

This is another point that many people skip for the same reason mentioned in the point above. Imagine that for some reason you miss your flight, your luggage is lost, everything you have is stolen, you have an accident and you have to be hospitalized… (not all at the same time, believe me…). What do you do? With Travel insurance you have all expenses covered and what could become a very serious problem, becomes something easily overcome.

 6|. Search destination info

Are bureaucracies and health precautions addressed? Okay, so time to plan your trip so that you don’t come home feeling like you could have seen and done so much more. Spend your days searching online, reading travel guides, talking to other travelers, and participating in Forums. Make sure you leave as well informed as possible about these researches in order to be able to plan your adventures around the world as much as possible.

 7. Book accommodation

You should ideally book your hotels or apartments at least the first nights in the various places you know you’ll be visiting. However, if you are planning a longer trip, booking your stays right away may limit your freedom during the trip, as in some cases, if you decide to cancel a reservation, you may lose part or all of the money already paid.

 8. Pack the suitcase

The next challenge is to get everything you think you will need for your adventure into your suitcase or backpack. Always remember that you don’t need much and that the idea is to travel as light as possible. No unnecessary weight, you can always buy things you need at your destination, it’s not worth it to be loaded like a pack mule!

9. Go

Everything treated as it should be? Do you already have an idea of ​​how to plan a trip? Good! So go, get on your way! Make sure you have your passport with you, pick up your backpack/suitcase, say “see you later” to friends and family and start walking towards one of the most enriching experiences of your life.


Author Name- Julien Chbib

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