11 Things To Absolutely See In Catania

Piazza del Duomo

Visiting Catania is a must for all those who go to beautiful Sicily. What to see in Catania? The city of the elephant has recently had a high boom in tourists, as well as for its artistic beauties and its sea also for the numerous low-cost Catania flights that connect the entire peninsula and northern Europe in particular at very low prices.

Today we will reveal 10 attractions you absolutely must see in this beautiful city, seen personally by us and that it is really worth it to linger more than the others.

1. Piazza del Duomo

Piazza del Duomo is the historical and artistic heart of Catania, here all the ancient Baroque spirit of the city merges with the beautiful buildings of the town hall and the Palazzo dei Clerici that surround the famous obelisk with the elephant (symbol of the city). In the same square stands the church of S. Agata, patron saint of the city and adorned with great worship by the Catania inhabitants. Also near the square is the “Sicilian Trevi Fountain”, in reality, it is called Fontana dell ‘Amenano which, like the Roman one, is a tradition for tourists to throw coins inside.

2. Via Etnea and ancient Catania

Via Etnea is the main road that divides the city, here you will find the ruins of ancient Catania, which you can visit for free while continuing straight you can admire the beautiful Villa Bellini, the city ​​park of Catania among well-kept gardens and ancient statues.

3. Gioeni Park

A beautiful park of 86,000 square meters near Pietra dell’Ova in the upper part of Catania. This green lung is famous not only for its huge variety of plants and trees inside but also because you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the city.

4. San Giovanni Li Cuti

One of the smallest and most characteristic seaside villages of Catania, there are still the classic low fishermen’s houses and an ancient port, as well as having the reputation of owning in its area among the best fish restaurants in the city. My advice, traffic permitting, is to see it at night when the soft lights transform it into a real nativity scene by the sea.

5. Fishmarket

The fish market of Catania is one of the oldest in Italy, if you want to fully breathe the popular air of the city you must absolutely go there. It can be found every morning in the historic center that extends up to the arches of the marina via Desmet. A tip, in addition to taking a look at the stalls, also bought a lot of fresh fish, especially the fish of the local sea such as sea ​​bass, mullet, swordfish, mussels, sea ​​urchins, etc.

6. Etna Park

Can a tour to Catania miss a nice excursion on Etna, one of the important symbols of the city that with its eruptions over the centuries has shaped a natural park that runs along its truly spectacular slopes? You can do different types of excursions, from caves to the highest craters, there really is something for all budgets and levels of difficulty.

7. The Hostel

The hostel is one of the places most targeted by young people from Catania, but I do not recommend it only for the nightlife, but also because it has a perhaps unique feature in the world. The famous Amenano River flows in the cellar of the restaurant (which can be visited), which, digging into the rock of ancient volcanic eruptions, passes under the whole city, and in this room it has practically gushed inside, enclosed between the bases of ancient medieval walls which can also be visited.

8. Underground Catania

Under the lava soil of Catania, the sixteenth-century city still extends today, with its streets, churches, spas, palaces, and even road signs, which the lava buried in 1693, guarding it for posterity. In numerous points, it is possible to go underground, which is said to have witnessed love intrigues between nuns and friars, a hiding place for brigands, and a treasure for art lovers. Access to the underground is near the amphitheater in Piazza Stesicoro.

9. Ursino Castle

Frederick II of Swabia is the Founder of Ursino Castle of Catina in the 13th century.The manor had certain visibility during the Sicilian Vespers, as the seat of the parliament and, later, the residence of the Aragonese kings including Frederick III. Today it houses the civic museum of Etna city.

10. Greek-Roman Theater

It is amazing how walking through the streets of Catania we can come across antiquities of all kinds. Imagine, however, seeing a theater of the first century appear in front of you. dc, it’s not really common. Built entirely of marble and lava stone, it is one of the most fascinating and ancient attractions of the city. It can be visited by entering from Casa Pandolfo via Vittorio Emanuele II.

11. Corso Italy

I know we only mentioned 10 attractions, but this is a bonus that cannot be missed for lovers of shopping and good living. They call it the Via Montenapoleone of the city between high fashion shops and luxury bars. If you want to take a ride in Catania “well”, this is the right place. You could book a hotel or villa online before arriving in Corso.

And would you add any other attractions? Write it to us in a comment and don’t forget to share. In addition, for lovers of Sicily, Palermo, another pearl of this beautiful region, is definitely worth a visit.


This article was contributed by Julien Chbib

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