A Guide to Camping Holiday in Broken Hill, New South Wales

Broken Hill is one of the most accessible cities in the Australian outback of NSW. The city is located in the Barrier Ridges. It offers a great mix of Australian art, culture, and mining history. If you plan to go camping in Broken Hill NSW, you will be spoilt for choice. There are various parks all around the town. Here is a simple guide for Broken Hill camping.

Plan Early

If you plan to visit a Broken Hill caravan park during the school holidays on a camping trip, it is essential to start planning early. If you book early, you stand a chance of getting a great spot at a pleasant park with all the amenities you need for a fun getaway.

If you have any special requirements, you must state them when booking. For instance, if you need to access a powered campsite or an accessible cabin, mention that. Ensure that you make a checklist of things required for camping such as pillows, sleeping bags, airbeds, cameras, and anything else you will need. Remember to pack the charges and any particular medication as well.

While on the Road

Before you hit the road, check your air pressure in the caravan and car. Having the wrong air pressure will cause you to consume more fuel. If you have a few cans of beer, avoid drinking them at dusk or dawn, this is when most of the wildlife in the outback is active.

If you are driving under 80km/hour, switch off the air conditioning. Instead, keep the windows open to reduce fuel use. Over that speed, you have to keep the windows up to maintain aerodynamics for fuel efficiency. The outback is all about long stretches of road. Ensure that you share driving and stop after about every two hours. Otherwise, you might become too exhausted to drive carefully. When you do make a pit stop, check if the wheel nuts are warm, it is a sign of uneven tightening.

At the Camp Site

At the campsite, set up your van, RV, or tent only at the designated areas. To maximize the cooling effect in the summer, park your caravan or RV with the awning facing north. It is advisable that you do not park under trees. Most trees in Australia will drop branches, especially in summer. To get extra shade, tarp over, this will also keep your tent dry. It is important since the Broken Hill weather can produce some showers in the afternoons. Avoid tying your rope around trees, as it has been known to cause ring breaking. This causes the trees to become weak, stressed, and prone to falling.

After Setting up Camp

When you set up camp, avoid throwing rubbish, which includes nappies into dump points. Only use detergents labeled NP to wash dishes and empty dirty water about 30 meters away from natural water bodies like rivers and creeks. It is not allowed to take anything, including wood and plant life from the parks. If you need wood, buy it from a local supplier or invest in a log maker. It makes combustible logs from paper. It costs little and it is easy to do. To avoid substantial utility costs, close all windows when using the AC. Do not feed any of the wildlife as this could create serious medical issues for them.


Finally, remember to have fun and enjoy the great outdoors. Once you are done, remove all traces of yourself. This includes even tiny pieces of plastic. With time, they can build up and ruin the beautiful nature that you came to enjoy.

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