10 Interesting Facts that You Didn’t Know About Iceland

Iceland is the land of ice and fire. You might be wondering how? Well! The light represents the lots of Volcanoes whereas the ice covers most of the part of Iceland. There are so many wonderful and stunning reasons that you should visit this place at least once in your life, including its food, culture and beautiful scenery. Being a tiny country with a smaller population has so many things to offer. If you are in a gluten-free diet then this place is awesome for your diet as you can get a wide range of gluten-free products in the many supermarkets. Apart from the food, the people of Iceland are open-minded and they are ready to help you at any point in time. You might don’t know this, but Iceland is the leading country in terms of social aspects. The people of Iceland are highly creative, and they are here to do something innovative every time.

The diversity, the people, nature is something that will make your visit entirely new and refreshing.  The unworldly landscape is something that will make your journey even more memorable. Iceland is a place where you will encounter beauty that genuinely stays with you for a lifetime. Nothing is better than a view from the open field and the array of natural lights that you can’t just imagine. Exploring beautiful Iceland self-drive tours is super amazing and fun. You can able to stop at any destination to click pictures or to enjoy the beautiful nature. Iceland traveling will perfectly match your budget, and you can also explore different things at the same time.

If you are visiting Iceland anytime soon, then go through these exciting facts which will surely impress you.

Radiators are filled with Water

As you might know that Iceland is the pioneer of natural energy, which is truly impressive. You might get a surprise to know that roughly 89% of the energy used in Iceland comes from renewable resources. People in Iceland use clean-looking radiators with strong and beautiful contraptions. Icelandic people use geothermal, so placing clothes on the radiators is not a fire hazard.

Iceland the Cashless Society

If you are the one that runs out of cash every time, then Iceland is your destination. Iceland is pretty much cashless society where you can able to use your card freely and happily. This seems to be pretty much awesome right? The best part is you don’t even have to pay cash on the public washroom so that you can use your card here.

There were No Trees

This seems to pretty much shocking, but it’s true. Back in the years, Viking settlers cleared Iceland’s forest from timber and farmland. Since then, there are little trees are left in Iceland. However, the government of Iceland is making an effort to change this scenario. With the years of replanting and strategy, Iceland is finally making some process. The natural beauty of this place has been attracting many tourists.

The First Elected Female President

Vigdis Finnbogadottir was the first democratically female elected president. She was elected in 1980, and she was the longest-serving female president who stays in her job until 1996. Her list achievement is countless, and the best part is she did not slow down a bit. Now, she is working with UNESCO as a Goodwill Ambassador, and she is also the active member of the Club of Madrid.

Country of Very Little Crime

The people of Iceland are very peace-loving and they generally never violent any crime. You might get a surprise to know that this country does not have any army force. The crime rate of Iceland is meager that’s the only reason police officers carry guns.

They Celebrate Beer Day

This is another surprising fact that beer was illegal for 75 years, but it becomes legal on March 1st. This is the only reason people of Iceland celebrate beer day on March 1st. If you are visiting Iceland, make sure that you visit on this particular day. You can able to taste some of the great beer around Iceland.

No Meal with Sauce

You will never see any meal without sauce in Iceland. People of Iceland love different sauce with their meal. It is incredibly difficult to find any meal with sauce. Undoubtedly, the meal in Iceland is very delicious, but it comes with different kinds of sauces. If you don’t believe us, then take a bite of hot dog, and you will find different sauces there.

Icelandic Names

People of Iceland are very picky about their name. You will also find so many rules and regulation when it comes to newborn babies names. They are very particular about their names. They also do not reveal their baby name before christening as they believe to be bad luck. You also might don’t know this, but the surname is created by using their father’s or mother’s name.

Eco-friendly Place around the World

Due to its volcanic activities, 85% of the country runs with hydro and geothermal energy. The pollution level of this country is shallow, and you can also find around the year beauty in Iceland. Iceland weather is very normal, which is pretty impressive for staying.

There are No Mosquitoes

Bonus point! If you are going camping in Iceland, then it will be super awesome. This place has no mosquitoes; even it is very near to the volcanoes. As you might know, Iceland witness drastic and rapid weather change. Due to this, mosquitoes don’t get sufficient time to complete their lifecycle and due to extreme weather condition.

Apart from the fact that Iceland is the filming location of the popular series Game of Throne, this place has lots more to offer. This is one of the most beautiful places that you can explore with your friends and family. But before visiting Iceland anytime soon, it is essential that you check out all the necessary facts from above. This will give you a clear picture of the place that you are visiting.

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