5 Tips To Kayak Like A Pro

Kayaking is one of the fastest growing water sports in the United States. Although it is true that anyone can learn to kayak, it is advisable to have good knowledge about it as it can turn out frustrating and dangerous if done without good prior knowledge. So, if you are set to ride the waves in your next adventure, here are some go-to tips that can help you kayak like a pro.

  1. Be sure you are in good shape

Kayaking requires a lot of physical strength as it is a strenuous activity.  Hence, before you decide to kayak, be sure you are in the right body shape for it. Build your strength, stamina and endurance levels by either jogging, cycling or sprinting each day.

You would also need to strengthen your upper body. Do pieces of training like push-ups and sit-ups to help strengthen your core.

  1. Take a lesson

That you have an idea of paddling a boat does not necessarily mean that you are a good kayaker. Before you start out, it is advisable to get a certified professional to train you. In addition to getting trained, you also get to watch a kayaker expert in action and also learn a technique or two.

  1. Create and maintain a technique

Remember you are still learning, do not go all crazy on techniques.  Go easy on yourself and focus more on learning the techniques of paddling as this is paramount in kayaking and also makes kayaking easier.

  1. Maintain good paddling postures

Slouching can be detrimental to both your physical health and posture. It is of utmost importance to maintain a vertical posture when you are on your kayak. You can go for 2 person fishing kayak if you have got a mate to kayak with you as it will give you better balance and a helping hand in need.

While kayaking, you can slightly lean forward when paddling but never slouch or lean back as this would not only harm you but also you less control over your kayak’s movement.

Every new kayaker most times holds their kayak paddle incorrectly until when corrected on the proper way to hold it. Lessons on kayaking are never complete without learning how to hold a kayak paddle properly.

People most times do not realize that kayaks properly paddled are propelled by the torso and not by the arms. That is why virtually all beginners paddle a kayak with the arms in a pedaling like motion, as in pedaling a bike, and get fatigued easily.

Learn to paddle by rotating the torso and get less fatigued, paddled longer, and put more power into the kayaking. Place both arms straight out and directly forward.

Hold the paddle straight from side to side, then proceed to paddle. If you have longer arms you may have to move your arms outward along the paddle. Be sure to learn the right way of holding and using your paddles, that way you are sure to kayak like a pro.

  1. Avoid strong waters

In any sporting activity,  safety is very important. When kayaking make sure you have your safety outfit on and maintain your movements on calm waters. If you are not confident and have not completely mastered your techniques, it is not advisable to try out unstable waters which are very dangerous.

Remember kayaking can be fun but also dangerous.  Make sure you have your life jacket and helmet on and you are firmly positioned in the kayak. And also always keep these above-stated tips in mind as you go.

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