The Female Expat’s Guide To Living In Chiang Mai Thailand

Thailand really is a haven for women travellers. The country really does embrace those travelling to their shores, especially when they decide to stay and this maybe contributes to the love that women have in their hearts for the country. Expat life in Thailand is surprisingly easy, read on and you will find out all you need to know about becoming one of the many female expats choosing to set up home in Thailand. We’ll look exclusively at what it is like to live in Chiang Mai, one of the best places to live in Thailand.


You should make sure that you apply for your visa before you make the move over to Thailand and that you do so in plenty of time. Applying is easy but the rules surrounding visas do change regularly so make sure you really do your homework and keep an ear to the ground even when your application has been submitted.

Many moving to Thailand choose to apply for a tourist visa because it’s easier. Just be aware that if you do this, you will need to leave the country every other month. If you are looking at English teaching jobs in Chiang Mai, there are many types of teaching jobs including teaching English without a degree which can give you a fresh start. You can also get a category B visa which allows you to stay for 1 year. Your employer should help you apply for this. 

The Weather

Suan Son Bo Kaeo

Suan Son Bo Kaeo – Photo © Gena Okami on Unsplash

Living in Chiang Mai Thailand isn’t always easy, especially during the rainy season between July and October Most people choose to visit during the cool season between November to February, although it can get very cold in the evenings during this time. The hot season between March and June is nice, but many farmers burn their fields around the city and so it can get very smoky, especially towards the middle of February to the end of March.


The cost of living in Chiang Mai is one of the best reasons to spend some time living in Thailand. The cost of living is so cheap, you can have everything you need including accommodation, food and clothing for around £500 a month. Your income can be supplemented with a job. Many choose to teach English, which is a great way to not only make an income but also meet people. You will need a TEFL qualification before you can apply for jobs.


The expat life in Chiang Mai is made easy thanks to an abundance of accommodation. In the city, you can find small apartments that often have a bedroom, bathroom and balcony. They sound small but for female expats, they can often be all that is needed. If you head further out of the city, you can find bigger properties.

You might even be able to rent a house for the same price as you pay for a room in the inner city area. While you look for your permanent accommodation consider staying in a guesthouse or serviced apartment, you might be able to negotiate a reduced rate for a prolonged stay.


The expat life in Chiang Mai

Photo © Cole Patrick on Unsplash

When it comes to the question of what is it like to live in Thailand, the answer has to be that it is fantastic. The people are incredibly welcoming, especially towards female travellers and the landscape is incredibly beautiful. Make sure that you spend some of your relaxation time out of the city. You may visit Bangkok and explore the beautiful beaches and islands in Southern Thailand.

It’s easy to get around by bus, so make the most of this and really get out to see what the country has to offer. You will also find it easy to handle daily life in Chiang Mai. Many people speak English, helping you as you go about your daily business and many of the supermarkets sell western food if you fancy a bit of home comfort. If being an expat sounds like an ideal life for you, you really should consider Thailand as your destination.

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